22 March 2013

Writing Women of Zurich Now

The much anticipated new website for the Women's Writing Group of Zurich has launched! I'll keep this blog up for a while, but for new stories and news about the group, check out writingwomenofzurich

I have my fingers crossed that the group won't be shy and will post frequently so that exiles like me will always have a link to all the creative friends I left behind.

Seattle, WA

Reading is grist. Reading is bliss. —Nora Ephron

05 October 2012

Blog Love

Did you know that a thriving group of local bloggers covers everything from their personal journeys as expats to local politics to food and wine? I follow many of them and link to them from my own blog, Two Fools in Zürich. Not only do they provide insights about living in Switzerland, but some of them also offer a great opportunity to publish ("guest post").

If you're interested in guest posting, the key is to study the blogs, looking to see what topics they cover, the tone and style of writing, and whether they accept guest posts. (Hint: I accept guest posts and my blog covers food, wine, travel, expat life and Swiss culture.)

Here are a few of my favorite local blogs.

07 September 2012

(Not) Weekly Roundup

Here it is: the (not) weekly roundup of links to stories and news for writers. If you find a story online that you think other writers in the group might like, be sure to send it to me (kathlyon at gmail dot com).

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